Grace’s Style Tip Friday… finding fun in the unexpected

by Lisa on January 29, 2010

Last week Grace and I headed out to the local shopping mall. We had not yet visited the mall, since moving here, almost 2 months ago. It had just not been a priority. We are living frugally and not spending on things that are non-essential. So, hanging at the mall, “window shopping”, had not sounded very appealing.

However, we needed to get out of the house. We needed something to do. With the weather cold outside, I needed an indoor activity. So, I decided to head to the mall, have a special day, eating at the Food Court, and walking around the mall. I figured it would at least be good exercise, walking the mall.
It was a “warm” day for us. I believe the temp was up to 35. So, we did not need as many layers- ha ha.

I am sharing some pictures form the fun we unexpectedly found at the local mall…

First of all, I was so excited Grace let me put her hair up in pigtails. She is finally getting enough length for pigtails. She ended up loving her new hairstyle. She was adorable! Of course, I’m her mother, so I am biased.

Here we are about to leave. Grace is wearing some gloves her Grammy gave her. She also decided she had to wear her snow boots. So, why not, she wore her snow boots.
Here she is, in the carseat, en route to the mall. She is watching Cinderella on the car DVD player. She cracks me up, clutching a toy and her lovey, “Bear- Bear”. Notice… NO PACIFIER!! Remember we conquered that last Sunday night!
Grace was overjoyed to discover the mall had “little people” rides. She was thrilled and so was I. Grace is cooped up in our very small house, everyday. She needed some new thrills and fun! I think you can see, in these pictures, the girl was happy! Happy! Happy!

Mommy let her have more than one turn on each ride. It was money WELL SPENT!! We also ate lunch in the Food Court and walked around the mall for a good while.

The best discovery, at the mall, was the fancy carousel located in the Food Court. The carousel was not running while we where there. It was a Tuesday at 11am. I assumed it was probably working on the weekends. I found that too be true. The cost is $1.00/person. This past Saturday, we went back to the mall with my husband. He and Grace road the carousel over and over again. Below are the pictures from the carousel rides with Daddy and Grace. I have to admit, I rode it once and got dizzy. So I sat, watching Grace and Chris, go around, and around, and around. Great opportunity for pictures!

How cool is that? If I had known about the carousel and children’s rides, we would have headed to the mall before now! It was great to find something unexpected at the local mall that brought so much joy to my Gracie!

One final picture. We can’t stay inside all the time. So, here is a picture of Grace and I making the long trek to our mailbox. This was taken the day we returned from the mall. Since it was 35 degrees, it was not TOO miserable getting the mail. We live at the end of a very long drive. The mailbox sitting curbside. In cold and snow, just stepping outside to “get the mail” can be a big deal. (Especially on a day like today. Today the temp and windchill are 9 degrees!)

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