It’s the weekend!!!

by Lisa on January 30, 2010

Hubby is at the office, doing a little work, this morning. It is snowing outside. That is not really news here. It snows often and remains cold, all the time. Gracie is under the covers on the couch, watching Mickey Mouse. I am about to make sausage balls – enough to munch on over the weekend! (YUM!) Then get showered and dressed for the day. We have my brother in law and his family coming over for the weekend. They are our Wisconsin family and only live 2 hours away. We are looking forward to that, today!! Tonight the adults will go out to dinner and some time without kids. My niece is very responsible and old enough to babysit the little ones by herself!! Yippyskippy! So, the adults are driving over to a neighboring town for dinner at Heaven on Seven.

Tomorrow hubby will have to go back into work. That is not a normal occurrence. He does not usually work on a Sunday, but there are extenuating circumstances and is necessary. At least it will only be for a couple of hours. Then we get him back. We are going to stay home from church and spend the remainder of tomorrow with the visiting family. I think the plan is to go to IKEA. There is an IKEA store not too far from our town. I have never been to IKEA but here it is interesting. My brother in law and sister in law really want to go. So, why not.
I am looking forward to the day and remainder of the weekend.

I am thinking about my mother today. Although I am excited about our weekend. I would really like to be in Texas and visiting my mother. She had a total knee replacement almost 2 weeks ago. While in the hospital she had some very low blood pressure problems, which was resolved. She was discharged home and has been recovering and doing her physical therapy at home. My dad has been taking good care of her. Yesterday we had a scare, as she began having chest pains while at her surgeon’s office for her post- op check up. After a day in the ER, it was determined her heart is okay and it was a hiatal hernia causing her pain. We are thankful for that outcome. It has been VERY hard to be so far from Texas during these times.

I am thankful God is caring for my mom and helping she and my father through this time. I am also thankful my brother and sister live VERY near my parents. They are able to help during this season.

For now, I am here, in Illinois and that is okay. My heart is longing to hug my mom, but I will do that soon! So, for now, I look forward to this weekend and am thankful for the family we have nearby, who we love and enjoy!

God is good. I thank Him for today and everyday and all that each day brings.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite songs. It is “A Different Road” by Kathy Troccoli.

I pray you have a great weekend, too!

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