Our journey with the potty…

by Lisa on April 28, 2010

If you had told me, a year ago, that Grace would not be potty trained by now, I would have laughed in your face.  One year ago, we were approaching her 2nd birthday.  She was using her training potty on a frequent basis and seemed to be getting the hang of things.  She was peeing and pooping on her chair.  We were so proud, thinking she may even be trained by her birthday… her 2nd birthday.

Now here we are one year later and we are almost there.  So, what happened?  Life happened.  When my husband was laid off, last May, things changed.

Grace had been interested in the process.  We had a “treat/ reward” system set up. She had her Elmo stickers to put on her “Potty Poster”.  She loved her rewards and putting her stickers on her “Potty Poster”.  She was so proud of herself when she would pee or poop on her potty chair.  However, when  Chris was laid off, a journey began for our family and in that process the potty training was left behind.  It was not intentional.  It just happened.  We had several trips taken – always hard to drag around the “training potty seat” on vacation – but we did.   There was uncertainty and confusion, at times about our future. Then my husband found himself traveling extensively in search of work, which brought him to Chicago.  Then we joined him there.  After that, we traveled back to Texas for a month, finally ending in our new town, a western suburb of Saint Louis.  Heck, we were on such a journey – our story even made a feature article in the May 2010 issue of Reader’s Digest.  So during all the traveling, temporary moves, etc, our poor child was set back in her potty training.  Bless her heart.  I don’t think she knew where to pee or poop.  I hardly knew were a bathroom was, either!

Instead of worrying about her potty training or feeling like a failure because our daughter was still in diapers, We decided to let go of it.  We figured once we were settled in Saint Louis and back to a normal schedule, she may re-embrace the potty training.  AND SHE DID!!! 

The last two weeks have been great.  She is finally ready – on her own time schedule.  We have had several days of being “dry” all day long.  I took her, last week, to pick out and buy her “big girl” panties.  Of course they have all her favorite heroines on them – The Disney Princesses, Dora, and Tinker Bell!   During the day she is wearing her big girl panties.  Oh, we have had a few accidents, which are to be expected, but we are so proud of her. She is proud of herself too. 

I have to admit – I am a wimp – I am still putting a pull up on her when we go out in public – to the grocery store, restaurant, etc.  AND she is wearing a diaper at bedtime.  But we are getting there.  Chris and I are proud of our little girl.  She is growing up and this is a step in that process.

Dare I say….. she may be potty trained by her 3rd Birthday on May 24th?  No, I won’t say that.  I may think it…. but I won’t say it out loud.  Been there and done that.  HA!

I am linking this post to Kristen’s Works for Me Wednesday at We are That Family Blog.  I am sharing this post for Works for Me Wednesday because I know how frustrating and trying the potty process can be.  For us, letting Grace work through the process on her time frame is WORKING FOR US!

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