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by Lisa on July 16, 2010

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Do you ever find yourself at a blog and wonder, “How did I get here?”, and really glad you found it? (I hope you feel that way about my blog. LOL.) Anyway, that happened recently with the discovery of two wonderful blogs. I also found a GREAT project, making beaded jewelry using my daughter’s artwork. (Warning- this was a very messy project and my 3 year old was not able to help me. But, the outcome was great!)

I found Amy’s blog called Mod Podge Rocks!  You HAVE to check out her site.  I could not believe what she has done with some inspiration and tons of Mod Podge!!  Anyway, Amy had a link to Silly Precious Piggies blog, who has the BEST tutorial on making decoupage kid’s art beads for necklaces. Her beads and necklaces are much nicer and “fancy” than my bracelets. However, I am still very pleased with my outcome. And, now Grace and I have matching bracelets,

After a morning of water painting, Grace had created several pages of brightly colored rainbows, swirls, swiggles, and blobs.  The pages were so pretty, I decided I had to make the beads using these pages.  The outcome was great.  The beads are so bright and colorful.  You cannot tell, due to my iphone picture with poor lighting, but the bracelets are colorful and beautiful! We wore the bracelets, the very next morning, to a mother – daughter outing.  I was proud to wear something created from my daughter ( after some Mod Podge work by me).  Also, Grace was so excited to wear the bracelet which SHE had painted.  You can see the pride in her smiling face. I received many compliments on our new fashion accessories.  This project was great!  It was a very fine thing!

My variation used elastic cord ($1.49), jewelry closures ($2.99 for bag full of multiple closures), wooden beads, and a bottle of Mod Podge.  It was rather inexpensive to buy the supplies and make the jewelry. Now I have extra beads, cord, closures, and Mod Podge for more inspired moments. I think the two grandmother’s may need their own bracelet, as well.  🙂

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