Why my daughter loves The Crack

by Lisa on April 27, 2012

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cracker barrelMy daughter LOVES Cracker Barrel.  I think if we ate there everyday, she would be one happy girl and consider herself extra blessed.  I like it too, don’t get me wrong.  It is a restaurant where we can all get exactly what we want.  Hubby orders the same thing off the breakfast menu – come hell or high water – day or night.  It is ALWAYS the same.  But, there is nothing wrong with that.  Right?  If you know what you like, you may as well stick with it.   Gracie is the same too, and I love what she orders.  It is not the typical “kids menu” items.  She orders grilled chicken and a plate of veggies.  Isn’t that great for a 4 year old?  Makes me proud to see her eat a healthy meal without me bribing her.  I order whatever I feel sounds good for that day.  But, I am drawn to the “big” country chef salad. It is wonderful.

It’s not just the food that my girl loves.  Always the optimist, Grace thinks if she smiles enough and bats her long eyelashes at her daddy,  she may get to pick out a toy from the general store…. and well….she usually does get her wish.  LOL!

So, why am I telling you about our love for Cracker Barrel?  Because it makes a GREAT intro for this Tim Hawkins video.  He is a Christian comedian and if you have never experienced him – you need to check out some of his stuff on youtube.com.  He lives here in the St. Louis, MO area – which is where we call home as well.  If you are ever having a bad day – go watch a Tim Hawkins video and you will feel better.  Promise!

I am Lovin’ this video today and I hope you will too.   If you are looking to see what other bloggers are loving today, head over to TidyMom for some inspiration.

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TidyMom April 27, 2012 at 11:08 am

That was hilarious!……..we love Cracker Barrel, and it’s our go to resteraunt with one family/friends – we can’t go with out bring them along too!


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