Celebrating a birthday and baptism…

by Lisa on June 9, 2014

On Memorial Day weekend we had so much to celebrate. My daughter’s 7th birthday was on that Saturday followed by her baptism the next day. I cannot believe Grace is now 7 and love knowing she has asked Jesus into her heart is priceless. It could not have been a more memorable weekend. Grace accepted Jesus as her savior almost 2 years ago, but we wanted to wait for her to be baptized until she was a little older, making sure she  better understood the meaning of baptism. She has been asking to be baptized for a while.
7th Birthday

A big day, it was Grace’s birthday and later in the day her party at the local skating rink.

Birthday Skate Party

Party fun at the rink in her new roller blades.  Yes, she is sporting a Hello Kitty shirt and pink leopard print capris. She is a fashionista.
Baptism Day

The next day our church hosted a baptism service at a ranch outside of town, which had a lake and pavilion.  It was a wonderful day.  My husband, Chris, baptized Grace.  It was an awesome moment to see my child baptized by her own father.
The video below  is our pastor, Eric, talking with Grace before the baptism. He was asking her why she wants to be baptized. So precious.

Below is a 4 minute video of the some of the people baptized with Grace. I hope you will watch and be blessed as these people have taken a step in faith and want to show the world they are followers of Christ. Grace is the second to last one baptized on the video.

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