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Temtp My Tummy VacationSummer is here!  My daughter has been out of school for over a week now.  There has been her 6th birthday celebration, playing in the water sprinkler, chalk drawing on the sidewalk, blowing of bubbles, cooking out and eating on our outside deck, our first trip to the neighborhood pool, and even a trip to the local zoo.

Thrown into the week and a half of summer play time has been the dress rehearsal and recital for my daughter’s dance studio.  Grace was great! (Of course I think so – she is my daughter!) She was so excited when her daddy presented her with a bouquet of colored daisies after the performance.  You would have thought she was given two dozen long stem red roses by her reaction.   It did not matter what type of flowers they were or how big the bouquet.  All that mattered was her daddy gave them to her and she knew he was proud of her.  It was a precious moment.


I am excited about the time I will be spending with Grace through the summer.  She and I are taking a road trip back home to Texas over the next week.  It will be great to spend time with family.  We also plan to go to Six Flags this summer.  It will be Grace’s first time to the fun theme park.  Let’s see, there will also be more trips to the pool, the Saint Louis Zoo, and a trip to the Saint Louis Arch when company comes to visit.  Oh, and more chalk drawing and bubbles – of course.  We are even planning a family get away to Chicago.

May Dance Recitial 2013 010

I will definitely spend some time pulling weeds in my flower bed.  I LOVE all my colorful flowers!

May Dance Recitial 2013 022

Yes, summer is here and we are so happy!!!!

With all the business of summer, I have decided to take a break from my weekly recipe carnival Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.  I am grateful for all the bloggers who link up weekly.  But, for now, I will spend my time with my family and less time on my blog.  I hope you understand.

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday will be taking a summer vacation.

Temtp My Tummy Vacation



Crochet Heart Garland

by Lisa on February 4, 2013

I thought I would share a fun project I completed this weekend. I love to crochet. But, I cannot complete long projects, these days, due to a shoulder injury. So, when I find a quick project, I jump on it. I was wanting to come up with a Valentine craft I could create and use to decorating my home. This crochet project fit the bill! Of course, I found it on Pinterest!  I think it the heart garland turned out super cute.  I had to share! Crochet Valentine Heart Garland - Blog

HERE is a LINK to the crochet heart garland FREE PATTERN found on  website.

What do you think?  It was a quick project and a super easy pattern to follow.

Do you crochet? What is your favorite craft medium?

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Tempt My Tummy Tuesday…. Rice Krispies Treats and Memories

July 30, 2012

Sorry… you will have to humor me today.  I am feeling a little blue as the reality sinks in that my 5 year old will soon be entering Kindergarten.  Our first day of school is August 15th.  UGH!  That is right around the corner!!! Kindergarten orientation is next week.  What’s the big deal?  Well… this […]

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Tempt My Tummy Tuesday…Fun Kid’s Snack

May 28, 2012

  For many of us the season of Summer has begun.  In my town the schools have already let out for the summer.  Woo hoo!  Now, time to come up with some fun crafs ideas, snacks, and games to keep these kiddos entertained! LOL!  Today I wanted to share a fun snack idea all the […]

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Why my daughter loves The Crack

April 27, 2012

First I want to remind you to head over to my eMeals giveaway for a free THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION.  Don’t miss you! My daughter LOVES Cracker Barrel.  I think if we ate there everyday, she would be one happy girl and consider herself extra blessed.  I like it too, don’t get me wrong.  It is […]

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The Christmas Cookies

December 16, 2010

After staying home a couple of days due to minor colds, and then being stuck at home due to icy roads, my 3 1/2 year old was getting stir crazy.  I was too.  So, today, we made Christmas cookies.  If you saw my Tempt My Tummy Tuesday post over AT THE WELL, I shared my […]

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